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The Conexus Super Awards proudly support The Wayside Chapel

The Wayside Chapel creates a community where there is no ‘us and them’ by breaking down the barriers of judgement and providing a safe place where people from all walks of life are welcome just to ‘be’.

The Wayside Chapel draws people out of social isolation and invites them into the healing place of community. People marginalised by homelessness, mental health issues and substance abuse can turn to Wayside for compassion, tolerance and support.

In an average week at Wayside, they provide:

  • 1802 low cost meals and drinks in the café
  • 517 community meals
  • 319 changes of clothing
  • 20 emergency meals
  • 36 social and recreational activities for the whole community to participate in
  • 503 cups of tea and coffee in the café
  • 348 telephone calls
  • 309 hours of support for people with persistent and long-term mental health issues
  • 369 showers
  • 152 instances of welfare and financial support
  • 741 instances of health related support including mental health
  • 252 instances of support for youth at risk

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