The Conexus Financial Superannuation Awards are designed to recognise funds that ultimately produce the best outcomes for members. While it’s easy to think that’s largely a story about investment returns, a member’s experience is shaped over the course of a lifetime by many aspects of a fund’s structure and operations.

Focusing on past performance creates an interesting historical picture, and is evidence of whether a fund’s investment process does what it says it will, but to be truly useful, an assessment needs to include some forward-looking elements.

And while it’s impossible to be too definitive when talking about the future, the way a fund is structured to support members with information about how it invests money, its investment and insurance options, and how it provides guidance on making the best decisions, all combine to shape a member’s eventual outcome. The importance of a range of non-investment issues – like access to financial advice and the quality of member services – cannot be ignored.”

Amanda White
Director of institutional content, Conexus Financial
Chair, Conexus Financial Super Awards